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As a wellness coach, I love to dive into transitional spaces in women’s lives and help you discover how to create the feelings you desire in your life – all day, every day.  We look at all aspects of life from nutrition, career, and exercise, community, down to the clothes you decide to wear when you start your day – all decisions have the ability to create feelings within that can enhance your sense of peace, confidence, and well-being. We want you to feel your absolute best, as though you cannot believe how lucky you are to be living YOUR life!  I have experience with and truly enjoy working with the following moments in life:

  • Motherhood – family planning, pregnancy, and postpartum – let’s talk about what to expect, and how to embrace the change and set yourself, your partner, and your household up in the healthiest of ways for your expanding family!
  • Desire for a career change – do you feel like you are stuck and have more to give?  Let’s talk about options for growth towards something that makes you feel fulfilled, motivated, or both!
  • Single and ready to find my person – being single is an incredible time to take stock of everything that you love about yourself and what makes you an incredible partner.  Let’s talk about how to dive into the things you enjoy or want to improve upon so you’re ready when you meet your person!
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