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Planning for a new family member to enter (and let’s be honest, run?!) your household can be exciting but also daunting.  It’s a great time to organize, decide what you love and what is necessary, and also to think about best practices going forward to make your home as healthy, safe, and zen as possible.  I truly believe in creating a warm home environment that feels so comforting to wake up in every morning and return to throughout your day. It’s so important to have a strong, nurturing foundation for you and your family to create the life you want.  Let me help by guiding you through the process of deciding amongst necessity, function, and aesthetic pleasantries so that you feel like you are on top of your Zen Mama game when you walk baby through the front door for the first time! Services my clients often enjoy:

  • Nursery Design and Product Sourcing
  • Cleaning Product Assessment
  • Total Home Organization and Baby Proofing

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