"The day after the birth of my first child, my doctor declared that today less than 5% of women give birth naturally.  I fully attribute my incredible natural birth experience to Rachel Meakins.  She is an exceptionally gifted doula who is knowledgeable, warm, receptive, upbeat, and positive.  Beginning early in my pregnancy, she was prompt in answering any questions I had.  By my third trimester, she was a wonderful birthing coach: instructing me on breathing techniques, guiding me through the creation of my birth plan, and intently listening to my fears and concerns.  The night I began having contractions, she was at my home within a few hours and helped me through each wave.  Rachel has a wonderful, firm touch that relieved the back pain each contraction brought.  With her help, I labored at home for 10 hours, having a vaginal birth without an epidural only 3 hours after arriving at the hospital.  Upon arrival at the hospital, she seemed to know exactly what I needed.  She provided unwavering support throughout the pushing process, was an energetic coach, and allowed for my husband and I to share in the incredible birth of our daughter, Kinley."

"My wife and I hired Rachel to be our doula for our first child who was born August 2016.  My wife went into labor on a Sunday night at 11pm when it was raining and Rachel was at our home within 10 minutes.  We couldn't have done it without her help and support.  She was with us the entire time and after 12 hours of labor, our son was born.  She helped with breathing exercises, how to best communicate with the doctors, when to receive pain medication, and took photos for us after our son was born.  She also massaged my wife's back to help manage the pain.  We will definitely hire Rachel again when we have another child and we couldn't have been happier that she experienced this event with us.  We highly recommend Rachel."

"When I had my second son, after the first week (and even though I had a non-epidural labour), I just realized that my recovery was harder than the first one. I had a toddler around which just gave me no time to rest at all. Rachel came when I really needed, she was fast and easy going from the very first time. After a few hours I just realized I needed not to give her so many explanations, she knew how to handle it already. She helped me with everything - going to the pharmacy, finding everything I needed, she helped me when I struggled with breastfeeding and gave me time to pump.  She also helped take care of and ran in the park with my two year old son to give me some time with the baby. And she cared  for my newborn in such a nice and gentle way. I wish the nurses at the hospital did it half as well as she did ... And the best at giving me some kind of gentle support and nice conversation that I think I really needed more than anything. I hope all my experiences with people that care for babies, kids, and mamas will be at least close to the way Rachel cared for my two sons and me - as a mother and as a woman. I'm so happy I crossed Rachel. I wish her the opportunity to help as many babies and mamas like me as she can."