A Few of My Favorite Things…For the Mamas #HappyMothersDayGifts!

If I love anything, it’s giving someone a good gift. The kind of gift that is actually going to make their eyes pop with excitement when they open it. And, maybe not even eye-popping, but as long as they know a little piece of my heart went into thinking about what might truly make their day better and more enjoyable – that’s the ticket in my opinion. I mean, doesn’t it feel so good when you know someone has thought about YOU when you receive something? It’s unexpected and really always so appreciated. I just love making people feel special. Ugh, I’m getting giddy thinking about it – I’m not kidding! I just love my people and they need to know! And who deserves a good smothering of good old-fashioned L O V E more than our mothers?!

Well, you’re in luck because Mother’s Day is a week away so let’s get this appreciation party started! Now, a gift does not always have to be purchased, of course, and oftentimes, something you create can touch someone’s heart even more. Especially right now, when goods and services are in a bit of a stand still, it might be a great time to gather your resources and create a scrapbook, a journal with entries describing why your mother is important to you, or a jar full of “gift certificates” that can be redeemed throughout the coming year. I bet mom would love some extra help or an evening in a bubble bath rather than feeding you people. Joking – I’m sure every ounce of love in her heart goes into every meal! I’m just saying, use your imagination and put yourself in her selfless shoes and try to think of what would make her really happy! And, if your imagination shoes are tired from trying to figure out the days right now, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of a few of my favorite things for the mamas. Maybe just write her a sweet letter to go along with any of the below to top it off! Tears, guaranteed.


CV x EMC Sweatshirt

The super chic Clare V. donates 100% of all proceeds from this seriously soft sweatshirt to Every Mother Counts, my favorite charity organization, whose work strives to create safe and healthy pregnancy and birth for every mother, everywhere. Liberté, Egalité, Maternité – couldn’t have said it better myself. Give your mama the gift of luxurious lounging wrapped in the peace of mind that comes along with knowing her ultimate goal has been accomplished – she has raised thoughtful, generous humans who think of the bigger picture.


Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish

One of my girlfriends gave this to me as a gift and now I can’t shower without it! It smells amazing and leaves my skin super soft. Perfect for mamas who need a moment of bliss to themselves that will last throughout the day.


Sephora Facial Spa Set

It’s all about bringing the spa experience home right now, guys. This set has all three tools for the price of one – just add a beautiful oil and the mama you love will be glowing all around the house through the end of May!


Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

What can I say, besides, this stuff is all the rage. With 22 active botanicals, this serum is really all you need for that fast-paced semblance of a morning routine that all of our mamas know all too well. It’s a bit of an investment, but she is so worth it. …The mom you’re shopping for AND this serum ; )


Masterclass Subscription

Give mom a little piece of her own sense of curiosity back and let her explore a Masterclass subscription. I know there are a ton of meals to cook, laundry rounds to complete, and bath times to conquer right now but maybe set aside an hour a week for her to escape to her own imagination and learn about something she has always wanted to. Bonus – you can use it too as they are offering a free extra membership with the purchase of one right now! I signed up and am LOVING it!


Minted Journal

Remember that idea about using your imagination to be thoughtful? Minted makes it ever so easy with this beautiful journal that you can personalize with a photo of your family and notes to inspire a moment for your mother to indulge in her thoughts. Or, you can use this as the gratitude journal to add notes every week, month, or year as to why your mama means so much to you. She can refer to it when she needs to! : ) Bonus note, Minted is also a supporter of Every Mother Counts so part of this purchase will go towards mothers in need.


Every Mother Counts Donation

And, I can’t possibly finish this list without mentioning the fact that Every Mother Counts is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this Mother’s Day. An incredible organization that is actively striving in every way imaginable to create a world that is safe and healthy for all mothers. To date, $16.2 million has been invested in public education, community engagement, and grant making as well as 13 programs in 6 countries improving the lives of mothers, healthcare providers, and children. 700,000 people have been served including women, babies, healthcare workers, and community members. Please check out their website for more information and consider making a donation or purchase one of the many beautiful (and super cool!) gift items that are available in their shop now! Thank you for your support!

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